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OBT2 Coming soon, join us!

Notices   20/08/2017

Greetings Citizens,

as we expected we need to run another BETA stage which will be known as BETA-2. Thanks to everyone who join us in latest early BETA, and everyone who found some problems, bugs and missconfigurations. For this moment weve got alot of job to do if we want to make perfectly configured LOC server. 

BETA-2 will be started on 23.08.2017. This time we want to focus on the global balance and check progress between levels 1-400. We will check for drop of stones, jewels, special items and items necessary for Quests like 1st. class mission, Marlon bonus quest and 3rd. class quest.

This time, we want to reward our BETA-Testers,

We will make special guild for testers and recruitment will be available on forums. To join our guild you need to have atleast 10 posts on forums, after joining you need to be active too, were talking about giving us feedback by forums, writing bugs and suggestions.

Everyone who will be active and will be member of guild will get: more informations here

Update# Date of OBT2 run was changed to 23.08.2017, we need more time to prepare new informations for newcomers.

BETA Starter update

Notices   12/08/2017

Dear Land Of Chaos Citizens,

from the latest time you helped us alot, mass of bugs and problems were found and alot of great suggestions was written on our community forums.
For the first time we want to share with you the changelog which is actually live in-game. 
Were thinking about special rewards for most active BETA maniacs, and thanks to them for going on forward with project.

Weve made alot of changes, most of them are complately fixed and working smooth for now but theres alot of work to do from this moment.

To avoid of downloading or playing old-dated game-client remember to download the fresh one.

Find out topic about the starter update here, on community forums!

See you soon,

Open BETA is here

Notices   31/07/2017

Z dniem 31.07.2017 serwer Land Of Chaos jest live w fazie BETA.
Wszystkich zainteresowanych pomocą serdecznie zapraszamy do gry.

Klient jest dostępny w dziale "Download" oraz w pobieralni na forum.
BETA Testerzy zostaną odznaczeni specjalną rangą na forum.

Na chwilę obecną termin oficjalnego startu nie jest znany, pragniemy wycisnąć z MU jeszcze więcej niż do tej pory.

Pełną konfigurację, czy też publikację znajdziecie w tym temacie.
Currently this is only one server.